Hello, my name is Janka.
I am a volunteer who takes part in different artistic projects for children in socially excluded locations.
Have you ever thought about how Your company could support artistic projects for children and youth in Slovakia?

It’s been five years that the artists and volunteers from the Art Aktivista association have been sewing white canvases, mixing paint colours and heading off to meet the kids at the summer painting workshop during holidays. This is yet another way how we foster self-realisation and creativity development of socially excluded children right in their own natural environment.
This year too, we plan a big Summer Painting Workshop. It will take place for 10 days and just like in the past years, it will have a form of a creative workshop. The biggest painting canvas far and near (the size of 10×10 metres} will once again be ready to accept the children’s world full of drawings and paintings.
Our skillful filmmakers will shoot the whole story, so that the viewers from around the world could see the great artwork of the little children. The short documentary film (15 min.) along with our common professional photos will be published and made accessible for the broad public.
The film, photos and large-scale paintings will be shown to the general audience in a public exhibition in a selected Slovak gallery.
If our project caught your interest and you know how it could be supported, please feel free to contact me.

Jana Pohanková, the association vice-chairperson and project manager

Comments or questions are welcome.

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