Workshop 2013

Wall of Sports in Veľká Ida 2013 
(painting on segregation wall in Veľká Ida)

Before Art Aktivista NGO, Tomáš Rafa’s “Sport Walls 2013” project executed by Truc sphérique NGO was supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through Active Citizenship and Inclusion programme facilitated by Ekopolis Foundation in cooperation with Foundation for Children of Slovakia and SOCIA – Foundation for social changes.

Visual artist and film-maker Tomáš Rafa keeps reminding on a new phenomenon of so-called ’sports’ walls which even more isolate the inhabitants of Roma settlements. In recent time, together with team of volunteers he has painted 200 meters long concrete wall in Veľká Ida in the East of Slovakia. By this and other projects, he want to bring public attention on the critical state of co-existence of majority population and Roma minority. He emphasizes necessity of a dialogue.

„There is 3 thousand people living in Veľká Ida, approximately half of them are Roma people from which 650 lives in the settlement. The settlement is separated from the rest of the village by a long almost 3-meters high concrete wall. It was built in the beginning of 2013 and the most of settlement inhabitants think that it is separating them even more. Building concrete walls does not help mutual understanding and coexisting and only deepens the problem of separating Roma people from the rest of society and leads to serious conflicts as it is clearly visible in Czech Republic,“ says Rafa who observers and documentates expressions of extremism in his long-term project New Nationalism in the Heart of Europe.

From the very beginning of painting event in Veľká Ida, we were joined by tens of children and young people. They were painting the wall from the settlement side and during 6 days, they finished a group piece covering 600 m2 area by a motive of Roma flag. The event was supported also by Roma rappers and activists from Czech village Krupka – concerts of Roma bands Dela Negra and Black Style were attended by most of the settlement inhabitants. The project production was supported by Žilina based NGO called Truc sphérique in cooperation with Periférne centrá and Slam poetry.
Tomáš Rafa’s project entitled “Sport Walls 2013″ follows on the walls painted during previous years in Michalovce, Sečovce and Ostrovany. Recent realization is coming along with opening of Rafa’s exhibition called “Competition for Czech-Roma flag” in ArtWall gallery in Prague which has provoked large public discussion. The exhibition was violated by anonymous overpainting of artist’s pieces and by filling a criminal complaint by Czech Nationalistic Party DSSS towards ArtWall gallery.
Športové múry Veľká Ida 2013 (pomaľovanie segregačného múru vo Veľkej Ide 2013)
Projekt Tomáša Rafu “Športové múry 2013”, ktorý zastrešila občianske združenie Truc sphérique, bolpodporený Islandom, Lichtenštajnskom a Nórskom prostredníctvom Programu Aktívne občianstvo a inklúzia, ktorý realizuje Nadácia Ekopolis v spolupráci s Nadáciou pre deti Slovenska a SOCIA – nadácia pre sociálne zmeny.