art therapy in social excluded locations
Exhibition I: The Sečovce Art Biennale 2017

Exhibition I: The Sečovce Art Biennale 2017

The Sečovce Art Biennale 2017 project seeks to make a creative space for children from the socially excluded location (Romani settlement Sečovce) for birth of participative art. The project has a continual character: it has been going on since 2012. It is focused on longitudinal processes and changes provoked by art (interdisciplinary) activities in the local community in the east of Slovakia. We fulfill these goals by means of happening, improvisation, non-verbal and verbal communication, and action painting. Through participation art, the artists and art therapists would like to include the socially excluded children and youth to the process of making of a joint art work. The project output is a documentary video film, gallery installations and exhibition projects. The intention of the project is the inclusion of the socially excluded children to the conjoint making of art work. By making the creative room, we want to strongly stimulate their creative development, self-realisation and leisure time spending. We perceive art as a catalyst of active communication with the socially excluded youth. We are interested in changes in the local community that may be brought up in this way. We exhibit the outputs of cooperation with the community in gallery spaces both at home and abroad.


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